HOME AUTOMATION The Joivo Home Automation Kit is home even when you’re not. Providing you with mobile technology to manage your home offering you safety, security, energy savings and peace of mind.

At Consumer Choice Marketing our goal is to make the energy world a simpler and more affordable place. With the emergence of the ‘smart home’ technologies, it’s easy for companies to roll out complicated and expensive products for everyday people. There’s no reason why they should be. We have developed and launched a comprehensive, simple, and affordable solution that focuses on simplifying the lives of our customers.

Immediate savings is at your fingertips! It’s no secret that energy bills are skyrocketing and energy is not something anyone is able to live without. Our Home Automation Kit allows you to “go green” and save money immediately. Manage the energy that you need by bringing the capability to adjust or shutdown thermostats, lights and other energy guzzlers within the home wherever you choose - with the new Joivo mobile app - automatically. All day. Every day. Life is simplified.

The Joivo Home Automation Kit can pay for itself quickly in lowered energy bills, and you enjoy the savings every day after that!

Experts predict that the home automation market will grow to nearly $15 Billion in revenue by 2018. The Joivo Home Automation product line simplifies lives and saves energy. As we continue to grow, it is our focus to deliver cutting edge products and programs. We are excited to announce the Joivo Home automation kit now available in the Starter and Deluxe packages.

  • Save on Energy Bills, 24 hours a day, every day, with a Smart Thermostat.
  • Smart Switch/Plugs lets you see actual energy usage for any appliance or electronics in your home.
  • Pays for itself in energy savings! A Smart Thermostat can save the average household $180 per year, according to the U.S. EPA.


  • Efficient - Reduce Standby Power Use in Your Home
  • Get real-time updates, no matter where you are
  • Turn off lights
  • View and control your thermostat from anywhere
  • Set a weekly temperature plan
  • Cut off energy-drainers like gaming consoles and cable boxes
  • Get intruder and safety alerts (coming soon)
  • Communicate safely from anywhere
  • Cost-Effective - Save with Power Reductions and Better Energy Rates
  • Convenient - Manage Your Home Any Time, From Anywhere

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