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Your Opportunity It’s Simple. It’s Powerful. It’s Time. It’s Your Opportunity

"Timing is everything" is the mantra of Consumer Choice Marketing. And right now we’re at the perfect storm convergence point of energy deregulation, home automation and direct sales. This means you’re at the perfect place at the perfect time to ride this wave! Never before has it been possible to so quickly and easily launch your own home-based business providing products and services that people need and use every single day.

Of course, your level of success will depend upon your personal effort which is why we provide you with on-going support and training. The CCM business model is designed to help you maximize your income potential using the supporting resources provided by the company, and working with other experienced Broker partners. By doing so, you’ll be able to build a profitable business that provides a lifetime of real residual income.


Deregulation by the Public Utility Commission (PUC) of many states has created competition for natural gas and electricity supply. This allows consumers to choose their energy supplier, and it’s also creating a unique and profitable new opportunity for people just like you. With CCM you get the largest commercial/residential energy footprint in the marketplace – 35 out of the 35 deregulated states.

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At CCM our goal is to make the energy world a simpler & more affordable place. With the emergence of ‘smart home’ technologies, it’s easy for companies to roll out complicated and expensive products for everyday people. There’s no reason why this should be. It’s no secret that energy bills are skyrocketing. And energy is not something you can do without. But you can certainly do without wasting energy.

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Take control of your future. As a direct sales representative, you have joined the ranks of millions of entrepreneurs and self-starters who are passionate about their work. You have stepped into a brand new world where working is not just about earning a salary. Here in the direct selling industry you can make a name for yourself as you work toward independence, flexibility, and long-lasting success. Your world may never be the same again.

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Products & Services

We offer products and services that people use every single day. Energy is sewn into our lives like no other consumable product. So, there’s no convincing and no selling – just a simple choice in energy services they already purchase month after month, and the potential to create a lifetime residual income for you, our business partner! With the introduction of Home Automation – we believe that there is an added value to our customers; showing them a proven alternative not to just lowering their bills but also teaching them to lower their consumption! The Joivo Home Automation Kit provides safety, convenience, energy savings as well as peace of mind.

Home Automation

The Joivo Home Automation program provides safety, convenience, energy savings as well as peace of mind.

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Commercial Energy

We work with commercial and industrial customers to help them achieve savings on energy costs.

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Residential Electricity

Your one-stop shop for residential electric rates. Explore the current rates and terms that are available for you.

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Commercial Electricity

We offer “true market rates” and custom pricing designed for your Commercial Electricity needs along with professional account servicing.

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Residential Natural Gas

Check out the gas rates available for you. You may be able to lock in a rate for an extended term.

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Commercial Natural Gas

Our dedicated Commercial Account professionals will help guide the process for your Commercial Natural Gas prospects.

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Featured Products

Joivo Basic
Home Automation Kit

Get started the simple and easy way with the Joivo Basic Kit. This kit has been designed to enter into the "Smart Home" world keeping the price affordable and allowing you the user to add more components within seconds as your need and budget grows.

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Joivo Monitoring
Home Automation Kit

Joivo is always home even when you are not! With the Joivo Home Monitoring Kit the vitals of your home or business are being watched every second of every day. Peace of mind is truly at your fingertips with devices such as humidity sensors that will notify you before damaging unhealthy mold growth ever begins. Water leak detectors will alert you in the event of costly water leaks within seconds of infiltration. Temperature sensors continuously monitor the HVAC systems are working properly. Protect your investment; add certainty in the otherwise uncertain circumstance of not being home or at your business with the Joivo Monitoring Kit.

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Our Company


Meet Doug Teskey, President and Founder of Consumer Choice Marketing. With humble beginnings Doug has developed great strength from his life experiences. With a hockey scholarship in hand, Doug attended the University of Anchorage Alaska.

After earning his degree in Marketing, Doug went on to play seven years as a professional Hockey player. Upon his transition from professional sports Doug was introduced to the Energy Industry in the European and North American markets. With a strong foundation of hard work in door to door selling, telemarketing and forging business to business relationships Doug built a successful platform for his business. Consumers Choice Marketing has built systems that simplify the sales processes for our customer brokers that empowers them grow their business and develop a valuable residual income. Consumer Choice Marketing has continued to be a leader in the industry and remains committed to the development of new products and services that reduce energy costs.

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  • Established in 1989
  • Privately Held Company
  • Leaders of Energy Innovation
  • Over 1,000,000 Customers
  • Commercial Gas and Electricity
  • Residential Gas and Electricity


The partnership between Consumer Choice Marketing and IGS Energy began over seven years ago and has been proven to be the leading partnership in the energy supply industry. This proven track record and reputable partnership provides our customer brokers with the confidence necessary to focus on building their business and the creation of a residual long term income.

Who We Are

  • CCM Launched in 2008
  • 20 years of combined Energy experience
  • 100% Debt Free
  • "A" Rating With The BBB
  • Over a 90% Customer Retention and Satisfaction Rate
  • Launched Home Automation in June 2014

Our Events

CCM Utility Training School

Are you currently a CCM Certified Utility Broker? Or would you like to become a CCM Certified Utility Broker? Do you even know what it is to be a Certified Utility Broker?

CCM’s Certified Utility Training School is an extensive CCM product training school led by CCM’s President and CEO, Doug Teskey. Doug provides the additional knowledge and tools for you to become even more successful in sharing the CCM products with others. All CCM products will be included in the training with special emphasis on home automation and all of our energy products including commercial and residential. You will find out how to save your customers money while being able to increase your commissions.

Why Choose Us?

We’ve Got You Covered

The only true 50 state energy opportunity – benefitting from both Residential and Commercial/Industrial energy enrollments in over 35 states and hundreds of Local Utilities – along with Home Automation.

Your Compensation

The most rewarding compensation plan in the industry. Over 10 ways to get paid – builder bonuses on top of high percentage residual payments.

A Rewarding System

Proven system to enroll and maintain customers while benefiting from auto-renewal features to maintain residual income.

A Team That Cares

A corporate home office that is dedicated to your success. Whether it is questions to assist in building your business or advice on how to approach a commercial prospect.

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Company Address

  • Consumer Choice Marketing
    409 Adams Street
    Toledo, OH 43604 USA
    Phone: (419) 794-1404
    Fax: (419) 794-7742

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  • Consumer Choice Marketing
  •   409 Adams Street
         Toledo, OH 43604
  •   (419) 794-1404

About CCM

Founded in 2008, CCM is 100% debt-free, solid, experienced, and committed to YOUR financial freedom. We’re an innovative company offering households the freedom to choose their energy carriers, options in home automation products and, at the same time, providing savvy entrepreneurs the opportunity of a lifetime.

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